Regional Bridges Program

McConnell Dowell for Department for Infrastructure and Transport (2018 – 2019)

GTP Role                    
The Australian and State governments allocated $40 million to deliver the Regional Bridges Upgrade Program to improve road safety and freight efficiency via bridge upgrades in regional South Australia.

We provided community and stakeholder engagement for our client across multiple bridge upgrades. Fostering relationships with local business and the community in regional areas, we undertook early engagement with the community to assist our client to design and construct a series of bridges with minimal impact on local communities and industries.  Frequent communication and accessibility to our staff via doorknocking, information sessions and communications resulted in minimal disruption for residents and road users throughout each bridge upgrade.

Our early engagement with councils, industry and local communities, tailored to the context and scale of each project, assisted our client to mitigate risk and deliver long-term safety upgrades for regional communities.