Ruzenka Pavlik

Lead Engagement Consultant

Ruzenka Pavlik is a strategic thinker with over 20 years of experience in stakeholder engagement and project management for government and private sector infrastructure projects. She has managed major urban and regional projects end-to-end, from planning through to delivery.

Ruzenka is a trusted partner to government and regularly supports SA Government agencies through in-house secondments. She has led the delivery of engagement programs on major planning studies and ensures cross-team collaboration through her inclusive and clear communication style.

Ruzenka facilitates infrastructure improvements with community support by fostering open dialogue and mutual trust. Her methodical engagement strategies ensure people feel heard and sustainable outcomes are achieved. Ruzenka believes that quality engagement from early in the project life cycle helps identify potential issues and enable collaborative solutions.

Ruzenka’s recent projects have included the SA Water Major Framework Partners, Heysen Tunnels Safety Upgrade, Granite Island Causeway, and Port Lincoln Intersections Safety Upgrade projects.