Oaklands Crossing Grade Separation Project

The Oaklands Crossing Grade Separation project lowered the Seaford rail line under Morphett Road and constructed a new Oaklands Railway Station in Adelaide. This major infrastructure project required collaboration between the Australian and State Governments and the City of Marion. A key challenge was minimising impacts on the local community during construction. There were concerns about traffic disruption, noise, visual changes and rail commuter impacts. Careful community engagement was crucial for the project's success.

We planned and led extensive stakeholder and community engagement efforts for the project. A key element of this was collaborating with local schools on STEM education initiatives, such as bridge-building workshops, to increase student engagement. These initiatives included Q&A sessions, and independent learning workshops focused on problem-solving with design solutions. We also developed and implemented safety and education programs for the local community, including construction safety and rail line safety talks with nearby schools.

We proactively communicated with residents and rail commuters about upcoming works and potential impacts, including construction notifications, community meetings, door-knocking, and regular newsletters. We hosted community breakfasts and BBQs and maintained all community enquiries. Our support for environmental initiatives, including timber recycling and wildlife habitat creation, connected with community values, as did creating a Place Activation Group to enhance the aesthetics and wayfinding around the construction zone. To thank the community for their support during construction, we staffed guided tours of the project site and teamed up with local service providers to offer market stalls, entertainment and kids' activities enjoyed by approximately 400 community members.

The project achieved exceptional stakeholder satisfaction through our collaborative community-centred approach. Impacts were minimised through transparent communication and creative initiatives tailored to local needs. The rail underpass, station and greenway were delivered with widespread community support. Our progressive engagement created positive community outcomes like public artwork, wildlife habitats and student learning opportunities. The Oaklands Crossing Grade Separation demonstrated our effectiveness at aligning infrastructure projects with community priorities.