Fleurieu Connections Project

The Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, wineries, and historic towns. However, the region's rapid growth was putting strain on its road infrastructure. Main South Road and Victor Harbor Road, two major arterial roads, were increasingly congested and accident-prone as traffic volumes rose.

FCA MSR Pedler Bridge 2

The South Australian government needed to upgrade these roads to improve residents', tourists', and businesses' safety and connectivity. However, this threatened substantial disruption to tourism, agriculture, and closely connected regional communities. The project also faced challenges engaging regional communities across a large geographic area.

We were engaged by the Fleurieu Connections Alliance, and recognising the complexity, we leveraged our local knowledge to tailor engagement strategies across the diverse region. We formed cooperative relationships with local businesses, vintners and councils and implemented targeted strategies to involve locals early and give them opportunities to shape outcomes.

Targeted communications via community info sessions, door knocking, and online updates maintained transparency throughout the development process. We coordinated closely with landowners on concerns like access and vegetation and finding workable solutions. In the design stage, we conducted surveys, pop-up exhibits and door-knocking to understand key areas of interest. Engaging agricultural producers in the McLaren Vale region led to significant modifications, such as an underpass allowing the safe passage of agricultural and farming equipment. 

The underpass preserves the area's visual character while meeting farmers' needs.

We worked closely with councils, landowners and environmental groups to minimise tree removal and protect wildlife. Wood from necessary clearing was repurposed for local artists and projects. As construction began, we established online scheduling systems to coordinate over 100 property condition assessments smoothly. Ongoing communications like email campaigns and site visits informed residents on road changes, closures and night work.

Thanks to our ongoing community-focused approach, the road upgrades are on track to improve connectivity and safety across the peninsula while safeguarding the environment and viticulture. Local knowledge has been gratefully utilised to shape work methods and protect the region's vine health and other horticulture. By genuinely engaging communities, we are helping deliver infrastructure that balances regional needs.

Read more about the project > www.fcalliance.com.au

FCA MSR1 under construction