Torrens Rail Junction Planning Study

Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (2015 – 2016)

GTP Role                    
The Torrens Rail Project is a $238 million Australian and State government funded rail line project, part of a wider strategy to decrease delays for freight trains running between Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The project entailed the grade separation of the interstate freight railway and Outer Harbour passenger railway that intersected in the Adelaide Park Lands at Torrens Junction, encompassing sections of North Adelaide and Thebarton.

We were engaged by the Department to participate in the planning study for this project. We provided input to the environmental impact assessment report undertaken prior to commencement of detailed design. Written analysis and research was conducted by our team to form the social analysis included in this report alongside environmental, economic, and engineering assessments undertaken on the concept design.

Our social planning and community engagement expertise contributed to a comprehensive EIA and planning study that then led to the successful procurement and delivery of this critical rail infrastructure project.