Darlington Upgrade Project

Project                        Darlington Upgrade Project

Gateway South for the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (2016 – 2019)

GTP Role                   
The Australian and South Australian governments allocated $754.5 million to construct a 3.3-kilometre section of motorway, including new bridges, as part of the strategic transport vision for the North-South Corridor.

We provided community engagement services across this major infrastructure project by involving the community in the design process and managing community concerns, particularly in relation to traffic, noise impacts, local access, and connectivity.  We created community engagement plans, engaged the community to ensure they were kept up to date on construction activities, provided proactive business support and gathered community feedback to inform the local amenity and landscaping plans.

Our communication and engagement activities helped ensure local communities were well informed, had access to relevant and timely project information could provide input to the design phase and receive rapid responses to concerns about construction impacts.

Website                      https://dpti.sa.gov.au/infrastructure/nsc/darlington_upgrade_project