Adelaide Central Reinforcement Program

ElectraNet (2011 – 2012)

GTP Role
GTP provided stakeholder engagement and communications services for the Adelaide Central Reinforcement (ACR) Project . This included significant stakeholder communication on the installation of high voltage transmission lines from Torrens Island to Keswick, as well as the development of a new substation at Keswick Terminal. The project also involved the communication and delivery of the largest loads (two transformers) ever to be transported on South Australian roads.  Significant work was undertaken to arrange temporary car parking and local business support throughout these major construction works.

The ACR Project won the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) 2012 Award for Planning Excellence – Public Engagement and Community Planning Award.  The Project was also awarded the Minister’s Award for Planning Excellence.

Through our extensive engagement with local businesses, residents and local government, we provided significant support to the delivery of the project and generated a great outcome for ElectraNet.